Gearboxes for Auger Drives and Wood Chip Dryers

Woodtek Energy Ltd is a local company who have been working within the biomass industry for many years.  They contacted us with regard to providing a high quality industrial gearbox and electric motor improving the existing designs on the market.

Through their extensive experience working with biomass, and STM Power Transmission Ltd’s in-depth knowledge of gearboxes and motors, a more efficient and reliable design was drawn up and successfully implemented.  Over time the relationship between our companies has gone from strength to strength and a successful working partnership has been formed.  Woodtek has expanded out into additional key business areas - the latest one being highly efficient wood chip dryers.  They currently manufacture one of the most efficient driers available in the market, a key requirement for their dryers is to have a reliable, highly efficient geared motor.


Extensive development work together with STM Power Transmission Ltd helped establish the optimum size of geared motor for the application.  We elected to go with the helical bevel design of gearbox boasting in excess of 90% efficiency; throughout the drive system this has meant an overall increase in electrical efficiency of 74% over other designs.  Due to the mechanical design of the drive system with a direct coupled gearbox, shaft mounted via a flexible torque arm fixing, losses within the system are negligible.  In addition to this with the design strategy employed their customers can expect a long trouble free life from the system.  Here’s some information from their website about the chip dryer system


STM Power Transmission Ltd continues to flourish by working in partnership with our customers to provide long term solutions.  We have masses of experience throughout a variety of industries gained over many years, why not use our experience on your next project and see what STM can do for you?

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