Industrial Gearbox Solutions

We received a call from a multinational vegetable producer regarding a variable speed drive.  They had an obsolete mechanical belt variator that had stopped working.  The unit was fitted to the hopper coils on the grader.  The purpose of this is to vary the speed of the coils which performs two roles, the first is to sort the smaller waste produce which is then rejected and the second is to scrub the outer layer of the produce.  We offered an ex-stock in-line helical geared motor and partnered it with an off the shelf IP65 inverter ref KBAC-45-D.  The helical gearbox was built from parts kept in stock with the complete solution able to be supplied the same day.

To fit the gearbox, the customer only had to ‘slot’ two of the mounting holes.  All other dimensions were the same.  The inverter - being IP65 - was bolted to the frame work of the grader.  Not having to be on the geared motor allowed the speed to be adjusted at user level, rather than climbing the machine to where the geared motor is situated.


This solution was available from stock and delivered an almost identical fit with an up to date, modern, efficient drive.


Our in-line gearbox range is stocked extensively in component parts so is available to be built and despatched in the same day.  They are highly efficient and suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications.  For more information visit the helical in-line section of our website.


The KBAC range of Adjustable Frequency Drives consists of six inverter models rated for 0.09kw to 7.5kw motors. These drives are housed in heavy duty IP 65 die-cast aluminium wash down enclosures so are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Hybrid drives are a digital drive with an analog interface.  For more information visit the KB section on our website.  Options for the range include On/Off AC Line Switch, Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch, Run-Stop-Jog Switch and Signal Isolator with Auto/Manual Switch, Class “A” CE RFI Filter and Liquid tight Fittings.

We have built lasting relationships with a number of companies who appreciate our ability to provide same day solutions when they have a problem.  As a company we pride ourselves on our extensive stocks allowing us to provide quick fixes to our customers.

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