Looking beyond the obvious!

It’s not always possible to supply an exact replacement, sometimes you must approach a problem in a different way!

One of our customers was looking to repair a gearbox on a lift system, unfortunately, spare parts were not available. The original gearbox was a double worm, fitted in a chamber with a hole cut out where the fan cowl protruded. We tried to find an alternative that would sit in the same space but couldn’t make it work.

Our technical team took some critical dimensions from the customer and asked for a picture of the whole enclosure. Further investigation allowed us to establish that there was space to play with above the geared motor, but nowhere else.

The solution that we designed is shown in the pictures. By utilising a helical bevel gearbox, with a pre-stage – to achieve the high ratio – vertically mounted with a double output shaft along with an AC brake motor, we were able to match many of the critical dimensions.

Looking beyond.jpg

It is often important to be able to see the whole ‘picture’, take a step back, and find another way. There is a way to overcome most hurdles, sometimes you just need to think differently.

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