Neridrive inverter motors


We received a call from a customer, asking us to go and look at an application that required a gearmotor drive. The customer needed to drive a roller on an industrial knitting machine used to knit into surgical and food compliant hair nets, though were not sure what exactly they needed. We were only too happy to look, and after calculating speeds and torque requirements, we came up with a worm geared motor with a 0.75Kw motor.

As the material on the roller got used up, this would change the speed of the roller, so some sort of speed control needed to be incorporated. This is where we came up with the perfect solution of using one of our Neridrive inverter motors, which has an inverter built into the terminal box, and would allow the operator to vary the speed as the roller diameter decreased.  Whilst there are far more technical solutions for this application, price was a major consideration for the client.


Neridrive motors are ideal for compact, and effective speed control, for a multitude of applications, and can be supplied with or without a keypad on the terminal box lid, as well as with a remote control box. They are also fully programmable, with all the parameters you would expect on a stand alone inverter.

Our portfolio of products is always increasing, and we can offer a solution to a multitude of applications.

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