Variable Speed Geared Motors for an Oven Application

We were contacted recently by a company involved in the manufacture of large metal drums.   They were experiencing problems with an old variable speed belt & gearbox combination which was driving a conveyor to feed the drums into an oven.

This was an old application and, although belt variators were cutting edge at the time, technology has moved on from then.  Mechanical speed variators still suit some applications and have a loyal following, but an Electronic Inverter can now offer an alternative and more advanced solution to speed and torque control.

Wayne and Andy offered to visit the site to assess the application and offer some advice.  The gearbox was running a drag chain through an industrial paint drying oven.  A variable speed solution was necessary to account for the different paints, coatings and drying times.

Wayne and Andy carried out some in-depth calculations and quickly discovered that the original unit had been over-specified for the application.  The installed 3Kw Electric Motorcould be reduced to 1.5Kw and provide immediate energy saving benefits because of the reduced running costs.

An obsolete torque limiting sprocket also needed to be replaced.  We suggested a more up to date version and together with some tweaks to the gearbox ratio we were able to put forward an ideal solution.

Drawings and CAD models were provided allowing the customer to see how the new unit would fit.  The proposed solution was accepted and an order received.  The installation is scheduled to begin soon!

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