Waste Press Geared Motor

One of our agricultural machine manufacturing customers called us in to help with the design of a new Waste Press.

This machine is for any process where a wet slurry is produced and will reliably remove a high percentage of the water content leaving an easier to manage cake.  We worked with the customer to establish the best drive method.  The application uses a screw to press the waste and force the moisture out.  Many examples of this type of machine use a direct mounted geared motor on the screw shaft.  We find that this can force a lot of moisture on to the gearbox output and put pressure on the sealing arrangement and can increase corrosion on the shaft mount area, sometimes hindering removal.



We worked with our customer to supply a Helical inline geared motor which would drive the screw via chain and sprocket.  This method means we were able to decrease the initial size of the geared motor by utilising the mechanical advantage of the sprockets.  The geared motor could also be mounted away from the bulk of the moisture.

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