Who’s supplying the motors?

Recently, we supplied these bevel helical gearboxes to a new customer, but no motors. We are lucky to have direct accounts with most electric motor manufacturers so whenever we supply the gearboxes, we also like to supply the motors. As a result, we have complete responsibility for the entire drive, and can fully test the equipment to our high standards prior to despatch.

STM gearboxes and motors.jpg

It turns out that these 2 units are to be hand driven. They have been built for a leading strategic machine manufacturer and will operate a rotational jig. The centre of gravity was slightly offset meaning we had to counter the potential rollover effect but without the use of an electrically fed brake unit. The jig will be operated by the applied force of a human being so as well as the need to be as efficient as possible, finding the appropriate balance between input force and winding frequency is paramount.  The gearbox needed to be able to withstand the high radial loads and would be assessed for suitability alongside LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations). 

This set up utilises the benefits of static irreversibility in the high ratio of the worm gears, together with the high torque capacity, gear efficiency and high radial load capacity of the helical bevel gearbox for the output section. We submitted several designs to the customer for review, together with 3D CAD models so the units could be included into the design and the best fit selected based on the unique considerations of any application. After providing the supporting technical documentation required for the LOLER inspection, the customer opted to use the solution pictured.  

A fantastic effort by the team and to top it off, all built from stock components here in the UK. If you’re looking for support with your next application, get in touch today to see what STM UK can do for you!