STM Power Transmission – Covid-19 update – 24.03.2020

In these unprecedented times, it is important now, more than ever, that we ensure clear communication within our own companies, but also to our wonderful customers and supply chain.

As of today, I am delighted to confirm that we are still fully operational and here to support you with anything you may need. With many of our products being supplied into the manufacture of essential goods and products, we aim to try and play a small part in keeping industry moving.

Everything is changing day by day, and I’ve no doubt that we are going to see many more measures, further restricting the movement of people and the ability for companies to operate. STM UK made some sweeping changes over a week ago, which I’ll outline below, and have as a result of yesterday’s address, had to take further steps today. We will – of course – fully co-operate with any additional measures introduced by the government in the coming days and weeks.

As of last week, we introduced some measures which – at the time – perhaps seemed quite excessive. The last 8 days have seen those measures become the norm and I’m so proud that we acted so quickly. My colleagues have been fantastic during this past week and deserve a great deal of credit.

As of Monday 16th March, we...

  • Split our entire sales and administration teams – those who work from the office – into 2. Half of our colleagues were working remotely from home, and the rest of the team working from the office. At that time, we wanted to ensure that should we have anyone infected, that we had protected the rest of the team and that we would remain able to operate

  • Took similar measures in the workshop. We have an engineer and stores-person coming in during the night. Again, this step was taken to attempt to ensure uninterrupted supply

  • Introduced strict distancing measures for all people working together

  • Introduced cleaning of all workstations, door handles, kitchen facilities and tools 2-3 times during the day

  • Implemented a full clean down of all areas mentioned above at the end of the normal working day and at the end of the nightshift

  • Ensure that all tools are put through our industrial washing machine at the end of each shift

  • Began sending daily emails to all colleagues outlining all new measures introduced by the government and the company with useful information surrounding the virus

Following last night’s address by the Prime Minister we are introducing further measures, as of today.

  • All office-based colleagues will be working from home

  • The entire home workforce is set up to be able to operate remotely and carry out their work as if they were in the office

  • Everyone has their mobile phone configured – via an app – as if they were in the office, when you call the office number, their phones will all ring and they will be able to take and transfer calls

  • Only 1 person (me) will be able to go into the office, to take jobs from the printer and issue them to the works team

  • Our workshop team remain operational, albeit with strict cleaning and distancing measures

  • Any collections being made by our customers in person, will be placed in the despatch area and will be signed for – with the permission of the person collecting the goods – by our despatch team

Currently, we remain fully operational. The most important thing for us is the safety of our colleagues and our ability to support our customers through this troubling time. We work across a myriad of sectors, many of which are directly involved in the manufacture of goods and the provision of services that are critical for the country at this time such as food, pharmaceuticals, toilet paper and subsequently, water treatment. Therefore, we will do absolutely everything in our power to remain able to supply you with what you need.

In addition, as we remain in this fight together as a nation, if you need something urgently that we are not able to supply, we’ll point you in the direction of our competitors who we believe may be able to assist.

As many of you know, most of the goods we supply are manufactured in Italy, which at this time is Europe’s hardest hit country. Our main suppliers have been able to remain fully operational although, sadly, as of today, STM Spa and GSM Spa have had to close the doors, currently due to re- open on the 6th April. The main motor manufacturers we work with - MT Motori, Neri Motori and Coel Motori - all remain open due to the motors they manufacture being considered essential for the country.

Whilst this is deeply upsetting, we had for some time feared that this was a possibility and have been working hard to increase our stock holding on components, assembled gearboxes, and motors which we know are popular. In addition, we looked to increase stocks on parts which we know are widely used in the food industry as this will be critical for our country in the coming weeks.

I thank you for your patience and support during these difficult times and assure you that STM UK is here, ready to support you whilst we overcome this terrible virus which is putting the entire country and world under tremendous pressure. We all have a role to play in this by doing everything we can to slow the spread, to think of others, and protecting the most vulnerable in our society. We've got to give the amazing people working in the NHS every bit of help we can, stay at home and give them a chance. These incredible people are putting themselves in harm’s way to look after us...they are real hero's...every one of them!! Take care and please try to stay safe.

Andrew Ralston
STM Power Transmission Ltd