Gearboxes for the Agricultural Industry

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Agricultural gearboxes and hygienic gearboxes must be extremely robust and reliable. We’ve supplied the agriculture industry for over 30 years and have lots of customers in this area.

Some applications for agricultural gearboxes include:

  • Vegetable grading
  • Vegetable washing
  • Vegetable packing
  • Conveyors
  • Hoppers
  • De-stoners
  • Peelers

The environments found in the agricultural industry are harsh. They include remote, all weather outdoor locations, constant moisture and also frequent washing down. Tight deadlines and schedules mean that down time is not an option. The agricultural industry relies on near constant operation during harvest times. Therefore, agricultural gearboxes must be extremely robust and reliable. In addition we understand that the power transmission drives need to be robust, reliable and fit for the environment they are installed in. They not only need to be fit for purpose, but also need to be readily available should any issues arise. 

The food processing side of the industry also has stringent requirements for hygiene. We have experience in this area and have ranges of Stainless Steel and anti-bacterial hygienic gearboxes. Also many of the applications in the agricultural industry also require variable speed options. This can be either mechanical or electronic, both of which we have the knowledge and expertise in, and products to suit.

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