Over the years, we’ve supplied hundreds of gearboxes for trommels. This application has robust requirements putting high demands on gearboxes.  

Therefore, we understand that gearboxes for trommels need to be suitable for continuous use with little maintenance and stoppages as downtime is at a premium. Trommels tend to be used in harsh locations and, due to the media they are screening, it is often a high dust environment with occasional shock loading due to start-up of uneven loads.  

Gearboxes used on trommels can be used in different ways. Some are driving wheels located on the outer drum whilst some are driving sprockets which are linked to chains welded around the drum. We can supply gearboxes for all options including high radial output loads because of the output sprockets. We also have various options to aid the gearboxes used on trommels including variable speed drives, efficient sealing arrangements, encoders, and hold backs, to name a few.  

We have an excellent variety of gearbox styles for use on trommels. These include our GSM Industrial gearboxes, Planetary gearboxes, and Inline helical gearboxes.