Gearboxes for Wastewater Treatment

STM Power Transmission Ltd had supplied gearboxes, motors and variable speed drives into the wastewater treatment industry for many years giving us an excellent understanding of the applications and requirements. 

Applications include:

Many of the applications are extremely arduous and challenging. We have adapted our standard range to suit the environments required to work in this industry.  Some applications have high speeds and loads being transmitted on the gearbox which can be partially submerged. These lend themselves to our Industrial gearbox range with special sealing and remote maintenance access. Other applications have very slow output speeds running 24 hours a day which lend themselves to our Planetary geared motors which are 98% efficient per reduction stage.

Wastewater treatment plants need to run efficiently and reliably for 24 hours, 365 days of the year under severe conditions. Many of the processes involved are often located in remote, unmanned, outdoor satellite locations where downtime is costly and also inconvenient. We understand that drive solutions need to deliver the lowest possible life cycle cost whilst maintaining the highest level of performance. This is key to helping avoid possible non-compliance charges with monitoring of operating levels being so stringent. 

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