We have many years’ experience supplying gearboxes for Aerators in the water industry. These include gearboxes for vertical aerators and gearboxes for horizontal aerators.  

We know these applications have robust requirements putting high demands on gearboxes, for instance, high life expectancy (including bearing lives), high output radial and axial loadings, and harsh, wet working environments.  

Therefore, aerator gearboxes need to be properly selected to allow for continuous use with little maintenance and stoppages. Gearboxes for horizontal aerators need to be able to work in semi submerged conditions with high radial loadings. As a result, we offer our gearboxes with increased output sealing options, remote oil dipstick for checking levels and remote greasing points for purging the increased output sealing arrangement to name but a few.  

Gearboxes for vertical aerators have other requirements including high radial and axial loading due to some paddles being mounted direct to the gearbox output shaft. Therefore, some of the features we offer are drywell option for gearbox output bearings, motor rain canopy, and possible greasing point for the gearbox top bearing.  

We have an excellent variety of gearbox styles for use on Aerators. These include Bevel Helical, Inline Helical, Parallel Helical and Planetary units. These gearboxes cover all styles of aerators allowing for high output speed and loading options.