Primary Settlement Tanks

We have decades of experience supplying gearboxes for Primary Settlement Tanks (PST’s) in the water industry.  

We understand the robust requirements demanding of gearboxes for settlement tanks such as high life expectancy (including bearing lives), high output radial loadings (especially when acting as a bearing support for one end of the bridge) and overload protection where necessary.  

Therefore, primary settlement tank gearboxes need to be correctly selected to allow for continuous use with little maintenance and stoppages. Requirements for the geared motors include motor heaters, rain canopies (where motor is vertical), large radial output load capacity and overload protection (such as torque limiters).  

We have a variety of gearbox styles for use on PST’s. These include Bevel Helical, Inline Helical and Planetary units. These options cover bridges with indirectly mounted driven wheels and bridges with the wheels directly mounted to the gearbox which then supports the weight of the bridge. All of these are suitable for the slow output speed of primary settlement tanks and non-stop operation.