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Atex Brakes


  • PATENT pending design and concept system
  • Hazardous area brake (fit direct to motor output)
  • Three phase AC (IEC 80 to 160) or single phase DC electromagnets (IEC 63 to 280 – NEMA 56 to 405)
  • IP66
  • F class insulation
  • Thermally protected with dual metal protectors as standard
  • Large terminal box with terminal board and fitted in rectifier (for DC only)
  • Very high resistance structure
  • Designed for S1 duty without ventilation

The VIS range of Atex Brake motor units come with a variety of options to include, though not exhaustively…

  • Hand release (up to frame size 250)
  • Ready for hand release kit fitting
  • PTC thermistors
  • Anti condensation heaters
  • Switch on brake opening or on hand release
  • Special flange coupling

Find out more by following www.visbrakes.com/ and have a watch on our Youtube channel using this link.

VIS brakes are in many ways unique and conform to numerous international standards for dangerous environments, these include…

Brake motor units to Atex standards

  • Category: 2G / 2D /2GD
  • Type of protection: Ex d / Ex tD A21
  • Enclosure group: II B / II C
  • Temperature class: T3 / T4 / T5
  • Maximum surface temperature: T200 ˚C / T135 ˚C / T100 ˚C
  • Protection mode: IP66
  • Ambient temperature -50 ˚C +55 ˚C (available as option on frames 63 to 225) or -20 +55 ˚C (standard for frames 63 to 280)
  • Group I M2 for mining


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Brake motor units to IEC Ex standards

  • Category: Gb / Db / Mb
  • Type of protection: Ex d / Ex tb
  • Enclosure group: I / II B / II C
  • Temperature class: T3 / T4 / T5
  • Maximum surface temperature: T200 ˚C / T135 ˚C / T100 ˚C
  • Group I Mb for mining

Brakemotors to NEMA – FM standards

  • Class I, Division 1, Groups C,D;
  • Class II, Division 1, Groups E,F and G;
  • Class III

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