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High Torque Planetary Gearboxes – EX

The STM heavy duty high torque planetary gearboxes covers output torque ranging from 850,000 Nm right up to 4,500,000 Nm.


  • High Torque Planetary Gearbox
  • Ratios up to 10,000:1
  • Output torque up to 4,500,000 Nm

This range of high torque, heavy duty planetary gearboxes is for the real heavy duty applications. For example, sugar mills and also steel plants. The robust planetary gear design ensures high efficiency and also the ability to transmit incredibly high torque and withstand shock loads.

If you are looking for high torque gearboxes, get in touch today to see what STM UK can do for you!

Essential data:

  • Gear type: Planetary
  • Efficiency: 90–98%
  • Ratios: 3.7–10,000 +
  • Max torque: 4,500,000 Nm


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High Torque Planetary Gearbox

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