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Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearboxes – EXB

Our Right-angle Bevel Planetary range is an excellent solution where the high torque capability of planetary is required with a right-angle configuration.


  • Right-angle bevel Planetary Gearboxes
  • Ratios up to 2600:1
  • Output torque up to 310,000Nm
  • Input power up to 250kW

These gearboxes combine high performance, high efficiency and extremely compact size. They are available with a very high ratio density ensuring we can offer a solution to any application.

Planetary gearboxes are particularly suited to low speed / high torque applications and – due to the gear design – can cope with shock loads.

If you are looking for right angle bevel planetary gearboxes, get in touch today to see what STM UK can do for you!

Essential data:

  • Gear type: Bevel / Planetary
  • Efficiency: 90% – 95%
  • Ratios: 10 – 2600
  • Max torque: 310,000Nm


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Right Angle Bevel Planetary Gearboxes

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